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Harlequin Bx4

Harlequin Bx4

BC Bud Depot

BCBD is proud to present the Harlequin Bx4.The Harlequin Bx4 has vast medical applications with patients being blown away by its therapeutic benefits. Now stabilized in seed form for the first time in history, Harlequin smells reminiscent of musky, sweet...


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Barbara Bud - Feminized 6 seeds per pack
Haoma - Feminized 6 seeds per pack
Digweed - 6 Seeds Feminized
Melodious Funk (Melody Kush x Jack) 10 seeds
Highland Mexican 10 seeds
CBD Lullaby <i>10 seeds non feminised</i>
BC Hashplant Feminized - 6 Seeds
Dutch Treat
Gods Amnesia Haze
Blue Amnesia Haze